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NBR - teaching vent (long)

I just had a small breakdown after work today. I'm a teacher in the Bronx and our principal gave us our assignments for next year. She knows that I will be out for 6 weeks and will be coming back. We're asked to make write down what we prefer, so I wrote 3rd grade, 2nd, 1st. 

She put me in 4th grade. Ok fine. She gave me a really out of control class (I know the kids, the teacher they had this year let them run wild). Ok, so hopefully I can whip them into shape. But worst of all, she is making me teach in an inclusion class with a woman who everyone hates and is just flat out MEAN and obnoxious to both the teacher AND the students. It is obvious that my principal hates this woman (she is very unprofessional and doesn't try to hide it) and I am stuck with her.  

People are telling me that I'm not going to care, I'm going to have a new family and that's all that will matter. I know that is true. But I'm still going to have to be in this work environment 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Teaching is not a profession where you can just sit back and get through the day.

Thanks for listening/reading. I don't want to sound childish, I'm just shocked and freaking out about what next year will bring. I also can't help but feel that I'm being punished for being pregnant. I am trying to focus on this baby and hope that I can come to think of this as just a job, but it has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years. 

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Re: NBR - teaching vent (long)

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    I can imagine your frustration:(  I hope it isn't nearly as bad as you are imagining, but I know what i can be like!

    Be thankful you do have a full time job. Mine is cut in half, and we need the income! Stupid NYS.

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    I understand your frustrations, teaching is stressful enough without adding pregnancy, a new baby, and out of control class, and an annoying inclusion aide. 

    Is there any way you can talk to the principal about a slightly different classroom assignment.  Maybe point out that these students need a very consistant environment where the teacher won't be out for several weeks with a new baby. 

    Good luck

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    Thanks ladies.

    I am very thankful to have a job as they are still talking about cuts in NYC. I know that I should keep that in mind, but it's hard when you're thrown into a crazy situation.

    I also did go back to school at 4 to talk to my principal because I was so upset. She gave me a hundred excuses ranging from "Those kids need a strong teacher like you" to "You're the least senior teacher in those grades".

    So I think I'm pretty much stuck. Hopefully by September, when I'm only 4 weeks away from my due date, it won't seem like such a huge deal to me anymore. Thank you for the support.

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    This does suck, however I'm sure you'll be able to handle the situation. I've worked with some pretty difficult co-teachers and found that my personality would diffuse their negativity. You may find that her reputation is not 100% true. You might just be the person she needs and you guys might develop a great relationship! I would take this with a grain of salt and just be myself,

    Good luck!

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    Looks like we are in the same boat! I was a 1/2 teacher until our last day today...next year I am a 4th. They are going to be completely different creatures. I am ready for the challenge!
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    I totally feel your pain. I too teach (in the Bronx) and although we haven't gotten out reogranization sheet for next year I already know I'm not going to like my placement for next year. However, I am so grateful to have a job with all the cuts that are happening. I think if you remind yourself of that every morning before walking in the door along with having a picture of your LO visiable around the room will help you make it next year.
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    I work in a school in Queens...I am in a similar situation.  Right now, I'm just reminding myself that the year is almost over, and how few days I'll have in the Fall...
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    I'm a teacher as well (high school art), and my school is going through MAJOR changes.  This includes actual, physical changes.  Our school is now a construction zone, and we aren't even supposed to go there at all over the summer.  I'm not very happy because I can't even clean up and reorganize my classroom to get ready for the sub while I am on leave.

    I do think it's a little strange that they would give that class to you considering how inconsistent it will be for the kids.  But it does sound like the principal feels that you are a strong enough teacher to handle the challenge.

    Like someone else said, I know that my hormones make even the smallest thing feel like the biggest deal ever.  Take a few days to let it settle, and I'm sure you'll realize that everything is going to be fine. Smile

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    Hi ladies,

     I teach 4th grade right now, but I'm moving to 5th next year. I am really sorry about your co-teacher...just try and go in with an open mind, choose your battles and keep your focus on the kids. I had very difficult teammates to work with this year. You will make it through!  Also, I think you'll like 4th graders. They're kinda sassy, but still really excited about school. We get some great classroom disucssions going too! I really hope it all works out for you! If need 4th grade lessons PM me!!!

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    Ugh- that stinks. I was also going to have to move to 4th grade from 3rd grade next year. I was really not looking forward to doing long term sub plans for a grade I have never taught- I am taking 11 weeks. But, then I got laid off. I am on the bubble for recall next year based on my spot on the seniority list. So, if I get recalled, it will be 3 days before school starts again, just like last year. I don't know if I can do it- physically or mentally at 8 mo pregnant. The thought of another new school and possible grade level is so overwhelming. I hope I don't get recalled and can collect unemployment instead.
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