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Hostess Gifts for Couples Shower

My BF and her husband and DH's BF and his wife are hosing a couples shower for us.  There will be 22 adults and 15 kids at the shower.  I know they are going to go overboard and since only 2 couples are hosting I know it's going to be $$$ for them. 

I'm not sure what to get for hostess/host gifts and how much to spend.  I know the girls are doing most of the work but the money is coming from the guys too.  Here's what I'm considering:

1.  $50 gc to their favorite restaurant and a bottle or 2 of wine per couple

2.  $75 or $100 gc to their favorite restaurant per couple

3.  $50 gc to restaurant and $50 gc to a spa or Anthro for girls per couple

Are gift cards too impersonal?  Any other suggestions? Help!

Re: Hostess Gifts for Couples Shower

  • Great ideas! I especially like ideas 1 and 2.
  • I love the restaurant idea - an evening they can enjoy together, and someone else's treat!  (It also happens to be what we did for our good friends who hosted our shower - there was a newly opened restaurant that they wanted to try so it was easy to choose which one to get!)

  • Ok, good.  Thanks for the feedback!  I think we'll do a $75 restaurant gift card and a bottle of wine per couple.  I know both of their favorite restaurants so that's easy. 

     Now I just have to pick them up today.  The shower is tomorrow... nothing like waiting until the last minute Smile.  I'm so excited for the shower!

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