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Dylan slept so much better last night!!

Ok, so I know it's only one night but we switched him into the pack-n-play last night because we felt he was outgrowing the bassinet.  He was still under the maximum weight but he just seemed a little big for it, not to mention when he'd kick his legs the thing would shake.  And so now I'm wondering if maybe the pack-n-play feels better for him and that's why he slept better.  It doesn't shake as much when he flails around.  We'll see how tonight goes, but last night I only had to be a "binkie replacer" about 4 times, if that.
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Re: Dylan slept so much better last night!!

  • Oh yeah - I bet he loves the space! Leah turns 180 degrees in her crib most nights!! I don't know how she does it without me hearing over the monitor - she must love to wiggle.

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