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OMG you are so huge!

While men may find this phrase complimentary when women say it to them,  pregnant women do not enjoy this comment.
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Re: OMG you are so huge!

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    I tip my lemonade to you in agreement
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    Yes If I fear DH say it I'll kill him!
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    How about "wow that is going to be a big baby if you're already that big!!!" 
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    I could NOT agree more!
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    I hate that. I've also heard "You're pregnant?! Oh, I just though you drank a lot of beer or something." That was from my a-hole new co-worker. What a charmer. Confused
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    I've been hearing that I must be carrying twins since I first found out I was pregnant at 7wks. We had an u/s done two days ago, and when we were telling the good news to everyone TWO people pipe up and ask what the gender of the other twin is!
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    I snapped at my MIL the other day for a similar, "Are you having twins?" comment.  I think my new response will be, "Oh... I didn't know you were an OB/GYN!"  Seriously... two ultrasounds... there's only one!

    (after telling a co-worker that I've had two ultrasounds and there's only one she goes, "Well sometimes one twin hides behind the other.") - seriously?!?

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