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just got our cds! :)

we ordered 24 bg ?they are in the wash now i am SO excited :)


never thought i would be cding but i am truly a convert! i have been telling EVERYONE how much i love them and to try the jilliansdrawers trial!!! :) ?

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Re: just got our cds! :)

  • We just got more BG in the mail today too :) Fluffy CD bottoms are so cute! Have fun!
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  • yay congrats! I remember your post asking how many to get..I'm glad you went with the 24. I think you'll find that it was the right choice! some days these kids just go through them [for example my DD pooped 3 times today..ugh!].

    I never thought i'd get into CDing either but I love it enough to do it with 2 babies! at the same time! lol

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