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Scheduled her first haircut!

Rosie's mullet is getting a little long, so I finally scheduled her to go in for her first haircut.  She likes to twirl her hair, so hopefully this will help with the knots and tangles she gets too. 

Any tips on helping her get through it?

Re: Scheduled her first haircut!

  • LOL at mullet- I think she has pretty hair!

    No good advice but I wanted to say Justin is a hair twirler too, so I feel your pain.

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  • I cut Evan's mullet when he was about 4 months or so - it was out of control. I think if she can understand bribes - that is the way to go. Evan is not a fan of haircuts.

    I actually "yelled" at DH about this over the weekend because I was trying to use the buzzer on his Evan't hair and he kept moving but DH refused to hold him any tighter even though he was crying (I needed to cut it because he scratches that back of his neck really bad if it is too long) so DH said that I was just going to have to take him back to the kids cut place. So WTF - now I have take him there and hold him while he screams instead of you just doing it here right now, for free? Nice. ; )

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