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Do you think the color "Espresso" is too much of a masculine color for a baby girl's nursery furniture? I like it b/c I love changing the color scheme of my house/rooms, so I wanted to go with something that would look nice with many different colors. I don't really care for a lot of pink, so I was thinking about doing lavender,yellow, white, maybe a soft green or maybe a LITTLE pink here & there as accents in her room  (not all at once of course). I just don't want the furniture to look masculine.


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    no not at all. i like the espresso, i think it will look pretty with the colors you chose.
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    I don't think it is too masculine at all. I think that would depend on the bedding and decor of the room, not the shade of the wood. 

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    I love espresso, I am planning to use that color on boy or girl!!
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    definitely not. Even if I have a girl, I'm doing light blue and dark wood with accents of yellow! My favorite color was blue as a girl. I think your color ideas sound fabulous.
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    We did Espresso furniture for DD since most of our furniture in our house is dark wood.  I've since thrown in a couple of white accent pieces to lighten it up.
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    I don't have my anatomy scan till Monday, but either which way I plan on using espresso.  I absolutely LOVE it.  There are many ways you can decorate around it to be more girly.  Have fun with it!
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    no i think it works nice and will go with a lot of other more "girly" accent colors! :)
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    I think dark wood is gorgeous with light colors. There's a ton of examples of the baby rooms bio https://babyroombio.weebly.com/index.html look under Girls Rooms/Not So Pink or Yellow or White/Cream/Tan for some inspiration


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    I love espresso! My nursery set is going to be espresso not matter what LO's sex is. 

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    I've seen a lot of cribs in Espresso that I think would look very nice.  We are planning to get a dark cherry crib, so it's similar, and I think the dark wood will be versatile with any other color scheme you choose. 
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