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Just saw your post about looking for a place to have DD's party. Have you looked at Mendon Ponds Park? 

This is where we were going to have Evan's #1 (but we had to cancel due half our family having swine flu) and where we will have their joint party this year. We rent the cobblestone house (SIL has parties there sometimes) and it is has a full kitchen and tables/chairs. It also has a playroom and a bathroom. But there are lots of lodges and shelters there. It's a gorgeous park, if you haven't been before. If you click on the online application and go to the date(s) you are looking for - it will show you what is available.

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  • Thanks!  You know, we were originally looking for the westside (close to home) - lodges in gates, ogden, chili, and churchville area.  Sadly our first choices, the Black Creek and Gates town lodges were all booked.  But now that you mentioned it, mendon ponds park may work nicely too since DH's family are all from Dansville/livingston county area.  So it would be slightly closer for them as well.

    Thanks, I will def. keep it in mind! 

  • You must live close to my SIL - they live in Ogden/Spencerport. They just built a house in a newer development a few years ago. It's nice there!
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  • Yup, pretty close.  Do you know where Tinseltown is?  The big movie theater?  We live real close to that.

  • Nope - we take the thruway to one of the #90s or the 33 to union (?) and they live close to that intersection. Can you tell DH drives?
  • Haha, ya I am the same way bc DH always drives unless I am by myself.
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