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Diaper problems

A few weeks ago we quit the diaper service and started using Seventh Generation disposables. So far I am not impressed.

1) If the diaper gets very wet, like overnight, some of what I'm assuming is the absorbent gel comes through the diaper and J ends up with little beads of gel stuck to his whole diaper area. Does this happen with other sposies? Or does anybody else use 7th G, and do you ever see this? It doesn't seem like a good thing.

2) This morning J managed to unsnap the crotch of his pj's, rip open the front of his diaper (not un-velcro it, but actually tear open the surface) and started eating the paper/gel filling. Which was loaded with pee. I don't even know what to say about this.

We have a whole case of these diapers. What am I going to do? Please somebody tell me that that gel is actually made of gelatin and is totally harmless.

I am so bummed that cloth stopped working for us. 

Re: Diaper problems

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    1) This happened when we used Pampers... Huggies and Costco brand has not done that for us. Pampers also smelled bad when they were just wet and the other brands haven't done that either.

    2) My cousin had this problem with her daughter. She started putting her in footless pj's on backwards... so she couldn't unzip them by herself! 


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    Oh man so not fun!  I am sorry you are having such a hard time with diapers!  I did find this on their site:

     In addition to keeping your baby dry, our super absorbent polymer is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

    So it looks to be non toxic!!!!

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    oh my gosh, that's terrible!   All I can say is that our dog has eaten a far amount of that gel with no side effects!

     Couple thoughts:  Can you put J in a sleep sack so he can't easily get to his diaper?  We just bought an Aden and Anais muslin one that I think will be great for the summer.   I think the gel is harmless on his diaper area but would worry about him eating it! 

    Also have you tried G diapers?  They velcro in the back and we've never had any the gel stuff when using them.  The only thing is that they do leak for us a lot more than sposies.   We only use them on the weekends so you're welcome to try ours sometime during the week, if you're interested in that route.  

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    7th Generation runs small. My 27lbs 2 year old wears a size 6 even though the package says 35+ lbs. So I would think about a size up if you try again which might help with the overnight. I think we had gel coming out while DC were little, but I never worried because it is one of the safest diapers.

    You might want to look into cloth pocket diapers. Maybe just try buying 4-5 and use them for naps/overnight (with a double insert) and just do a load of diapers every other day.

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    Like PP said, I have found that they run super small. Maybe buy a small package of the next size up and see what happens?

    Why did cloth stop working? We had to to part time due to rash. :(

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    1. We've never used 7th Gen, so I don't know about that.  But when Lila is in sposies, we use Target for daytime and Pampers Baby Dry (not the new dry max stuff) for night time.  We've never had a night leak with those, and I've never noticed them smelling bad at all.  

    2. I'm sorry, and I have no real advice.  But I lol'd at your last line.  I like the backward PJs or sleep sack idea though. 

    Why did cloth stop working? We had to to part time due to rash. :( 

    I'm curious about this, J.  Lila seems to get diaper rash far more frequently than what I would consider normal.  We end up using disposables about 1/4 - 1/3 of the time.  When did you start having problems?

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