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when to get prenatal massage?

I still have my GC for Excuria and want to get a massage. Would you wait a little longer or get it done now?

Re: when to get prenatal massage?

  • I say if you have a GC and want it, then by all means go get a massage! :-)  I had my prenatal massage at about 39 weeks but I would have goen every week if I could have :-)
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  • I got 4 prenatal massages. I started at 22 weeks and went every few weeks til 39 weeks.
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  • wendyjwendyj member
    I'd say go whenever you're ready for one. I missed out on my massage. I was scheduled for one at 36 weeks, but had to cancel because I ended up having Ian instead.
  • I would have gone yesterday if I had a GC! I went for a few when I was pregnant, and wished I could have went every week! Call Excuria and find out how late into pregnancy they will do massage. I know I went there before my shower, and when I called to schedule they asked me how far along I would be at the time of the appointment. I think I remember them saying they only do them up to 36 weeks. Just make sure you go before then!
  • I just got one the other day thanks to fenwaygirl!  It was a treat :)  I looooved it, it was so relaxing!  I say go get it done whenever you feel comfortable.  I am having really really bad back pain now, so it was good to get it done to help with the pain.


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  • I think I went for mine went I was 8 or 8 1/2 months! It was WONDERFUL!
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