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RP- Moby users

Hey girls, I'm thinking about buying a moby. I looked up the weight limit and it says you can use up to 35 lbs. My son is 15lbs. So my question is girls with bigger babies, 15-20 lbs, is the moby still worth using when they get bigger? Does it hurt your back with a 3 mo baby? Does your 3-6 mo old still enjoy being in it?

I'm just wondering if it would be worth getting, especially since ds is already almost 3 months. Will I get much use out of it? Currently I use one of those front carriers with the back pack like straps and it kills my back with him!

Thanks you!

Re: RP- Moby users

  • Thought about buying one too, but then looked up how to make them and apparently it looks super easy and is super cheap. 

    If your worried about baby growing out of it/ not being comfy/ ect, maybe you could DIY  instead of investing the $$

    Thats my plan :) 

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  • At 15 lbs, I'd look into a different carrier for the future.  Moby fabric is very stretchy and at about 15 lbs. it becomes a royal PITA to get it tied tight enough and/or you are constantly retightening because it sags.

    If you want to wrap, I'd look into a woven wrap or if you want a more supportive SSC (with backpack like straps) both Ergo and Beco are pretty good and are often used by mamas with back issues.

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  • The moby is great for the first few months but it is far from the best option for a 15 pound 3 month old.  If you are interested in wraps, go for a woven - I have lots of info in my siggy links ;-)
  • I got to hot in the Moby with DD1 (a july baby) so I stopped using it before she hit 15 lbs, but I've heard a lot of people say it didn't feel supportive enough after 15-20 pounds.

    Maybe you could buy a woven instead?

    ETA: if you want a SSC, we switched to the Ergo after we stopped using the Moby and DH andI I LOVE it.

  • Thank you so much for all the info girls
  • I have a Moby and an Ergo. The Moby was great for DS1, he was born in February (ticker is wrong) and it was nice in the cool weather. I used it for a few weeks with DS2 but honestly, its too hot. I switched over to the Ergo and we are both much happier. I think the Ergo is a great investment. I still use it with DS1 who is almost 30lbs and DS2 is very comfortable in it at 14lbs. I bought the new infant insert for it but I only use the bottom cushion now that DS2 has good head control.
  • DS is 17 lbs, 4.5 mos, and loves the doesn't hurt my back but DS only likes being worn for an hour or so at a time, so I haven't done any all-day wearing.  Can't compare it to anything else as I'm still waiting on my mei tai....
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  • My DD is just a hair shy of 18 pounds and we're really reaching the end of our practical life with the moby.  I've used it since day one and I've loved it so far, but she's just getting too big for it.  It's still very comfortable for me, but like another poster said, I'm starting to have to adjust it a lot, even if I make it really tight at first.  If youre LO is already 15 pounds, I would look into another carrier. 

    When I started wearing DD a lot for long walks (versus chores around the house) I did have a little back soreness, but since my back has gotten stronger I don't have that pain anymore.  Which "back pack" carrier do you have? 

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