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Long long long night last night

Jack's been dealing with this ridiculous virus and a high fever. Yesterday he started spiking 2 hours after he had a Motrin dose (he was up to 103.1), but we were able to bring it down with Tylenol. At 8pm, right when he was due for another Motrin dose, he started moaning in his sleep and was shaking-- he was up to 102.3. I gave him a double dose of Motrin (per pedi rec) and waited. . . and waited. . . an hour later he was up to 103.5. The pedi sent us to the ER to rule out "something else". 
We were in the ER for an hour and they diagnosed him with an ear infection on top of the coxsackie virus he's been fighting. We didn't get home until around midnight but he was such a trooper. The ER doc had us holding him down to get a look in his ears (instead of having me hold him up and cuddle him) which totally broke my heart. Thank God there was no bloodwork involved though, I'm not sure I could have handled it. He had no signs of an EI besides the fever and a slightly runny nose that had just developed yesterday.
This AM he was up at 530 with a 104 temp--ugh--- finally came down with a double dose of Motrin AND Tylenol together. My sitter was with him today and he fell asleep around 1130 and just woke up about 1/2 hour ago. Hopefully it won't screw up his sleep tonight, but he hasn't needed any fever medicine since this morning, so hopefully he's finally on the mend. :(

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