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toy recommendations

hey ladies!

i need some good recs for car friendly toys for a 1 yr old.

we're taking the drive to maine in two parts, so about 5 hours each and then there's the ride home. i'm hoping the newness of facing forward in the big boy carseat doesn't wear off before then, but i want to pack a bunch of new toys for him just in case.

he doens't watch tv so i don't think we're going to go the dvd player route

so far i've picked up some small board books with the sound buttons on the side

sidenote i bought the necksaver pillow from one step ahead and i think my friend will let us borrow the lap tray she bought for her son

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Re: toy recommendations

  • A Magna Doodle is awesome for car trips, Rosie used hers a lot at that age.  I also liked buying flashcard sets, they sometimes have them in the dollar bins at Target.  Since there are lots of flashcards in each set, it takes a while to get through them. I also usually bring one or two sets of Little People too.

    If you don't get the lap tray, a plastic cutting board works great, we used that trick this weekend on our 5 hour drive.
  • So I am sure that I missed this... but when are you going to Maine? Where are you staying?

    We are headed that way in July. I think that we are going to try and make it to Boston in one shot and then the remaining two hours the next day. Our return will be one full shot. I am a little nervous about it but I figure that to save time I can pump while driving and give G bottles of pumped milk instead of taking time to nurse. 

    I hope that you enjoy your trip. Sorry I don't have anything to add about toys I bet I will be in your boat next year. 

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  • I would definitely do lots of board books.. Eve just LOVES to look at books, but she gets bored easily.. so I have to pack a ton.

    eve also likes to have a friend in the car, so we usually have some sort of stuffed animal that is a fave of hers at the moment.. 


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