Dental work?

Just curious if any of you ladies had to have dental work done while pg and further along. It's looking like I'll need a crown ( old filling is letting go slowly) and I think I should have it done rather than waiting for the thing to break while I'm even bigger and more uncomfortable on my back. Does this make sense? I made an appt for next Friday, figuring I'll either change my mind or the filling will break by then anyway. Anyway, just wondering what other people's dentist-while-pregnant experiences have been like. I posted recently about nearly fainting at my u/s from being on my back, but I figure I can be on my side with my head turned upward for the procedure? Or am I totally wrong?

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    I did have a cavity filled while pg with DS. The dentist said that they only like to do dental work during the 2nd trimester. They only do xrays if absolutely necessary by double lead sheilding you. Also, if you need novocaine, you can only use the plain novocaine (without epinephrine). I okayed having the filling done with my OB and they basically said all the same things as the dentist. Good luck! P.S. I did have a dental cleaning around 20 weeks and they had me kind of lay on my left side in the chair while leaving my head straight up.
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    I had a cavity filled also during my second tri.  I ended up breaking a tooth in the back a few weeks later and she attempted to work on it without any drugs.  I almost jumped out of the chair.  We agreed to let it go until after the twins were born since it didn't pose any other damage and the pain eased up on it.
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    I was in the process of getting 3 new crowns when I found out I was pg with DD.  Basically they ended up prepping the teeth for the crowns and just put temporary crowns on because I had to see a periodontist for some gum work and they wouldn't do that while I was pregnant.  If you need a root canal, they might make you wait until you are not longer pregnant.  Definitely go to the dentist and see what he/she says.
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    I had a root canal and crown done during 2nd tri (24 weeks). They were going to put off the procedure but it was *really* bothering me. I'm so glad I got it done when I did...
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    Thanks, ladies. I have already met with my dentist once about this tooth about a month ago, and we decided to leave it alone since it was only cracked and not bothering me. Now that I'm starting to feel it, I figure it's best to get it taken care of. I hate knowing there's a risk of needing a root canal. Ugh. That + preg with twins = my worst nightmare.
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    Cavities, cleanings,crowns and root canals can be done safely during any stage of pregnancy. They can't use epinephrine, just ask for a carbocaine.

    Your better off getting it done now then later when your bigger and miserable. Also god forbid it breaks!

    BTW I'm a Hygienist been in the field for 12 years

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