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This one's got me speechless

DH's cousin is 34.  She has 6 kids - her first was born when she was 16, and the second when she was 17.  Her youngest is seven.  She is married to a convicted child molester and just filed for bankruptcy.  Her two oldest kids have been in & out of jail & rehab.  She has a grandchild due this fall and I just  found out via FB that she is pg with #7 herself. 

I'm pretty much at a loss for words right now.

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Re: This one's got me speechless

  • How are you expecting people to respond to this?  This is tragic.  Maybe it is an issue of tone which can't be read easily in a post, but it seems pretty insensitive to post about a person's life this way. ** ETA: or maybe I am just off today - It must be very hard to have someone in your extended family who is having such a rough go at life over an extended period of time.  
  • Yeah, I'm not quite sure how to take that post either.
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  • Looks like this post has everyone speechless. I don't know what to say either.
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