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another gross story

DH was washing clothes last night. This AM he was getting them out of the dryer - he was all groggy & half awake. He went to reach for what he thought was a sock...picks it up - yea it's a DEAD MOUSE.

he screamed like a school girl. Poor DH. The cat kills 'em & apparently this time decided to leave it in the laundry basket. 

on the bright side, the mouse was freshly washed & dried.

Re: another gross story

  • imagemrs_b_2007:

    on the bright side, the mouse was freshly washed & dried.

    My jaw dropped at the story, but this part made me laugh.

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  • ::shudders::
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  • omg! My other cat (when I lived at home) used to kill birds all the time. He thought it was funny to leave parts of it all over, but would always bring us the head and leave at the doorstep. gross!
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  • usually the cat plays with them & then just leaves them lying on the floor for us. He doesn't try to dismember Ick! them or anything. My guess is that this mouse knew he was being hunted & made a run for it into the laundry basket.


  • LMAO!! I would totally have freaked too, but when I finally meet your husband I am so giving him a hard time for this. The image of him screaming like a school girl has me in a fit of giggles.
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