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ugh!! cant sleep.....

so im only 13 weeks, well almost, but i am already having issues with my psiatic nerves. i had problems with them with my last pregnancy too. but because of them i cant sleep in my bed, i am currently waiting for my recliner to get here but in the meantime, anyone got some advice??? i cant sleep on my side because of the psiatica and i cant sleep on my back..... and the headaches and besides the fact that im just not tired..... help!!

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Re: ugh!! cant sleep.....

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    How about a chiropractor?
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    Everything I have read suggests that sleeping on your back until wk 20 is ok.  Just listen if your body tells you to get off of it.
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    I had early sciatic pain too. I try to stretch it out but only works sometimes. I have not had trouble sleeping on my back with it though.
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