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Fisher Price Product testing

Somehow we got on a list to be a product tester for Fisher Price.  I guess they had our info because Reed has modeled for them and Pierce is now signed up to model too.  Anyways, for the last 2 weeks we tested a bouncer seat that I was really sad to return because Pierce slept in it a lot.  They said they have to destroy the products (everything gets recycled) because they aren't in the final rounds of testing yet so instead they paid us $45.  So when I returned the seat today they sent me home with this really great swing that converts to a high chair.  We just have to use it for 2 weeks and then answer a short online survey.  It is in the final stage so we get to keep it!  It is going to retail for $140.  


If anyone lives nearby East Aurora you should definitely sign up.  They contact you whenever they have a product that are suitable for the age of your child.  I am hoping Reed gets to test a toy soon! 

Re: Fisher Price Product testing

  • Yep. we've done it a couple times.. One was last year, and we actually tested the same product 3x.. Twice in their lab then once for the two week home trial thing.. Then we did a projector thing a  month or so ago. They said they would call us for a new round of stuff but they never did.
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