recognize each other?

When did your twins recognize/interact with each other?  I am getting excited to witness this.  I know this has been asked a bunch of times, but I can't remember the answers. 
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Re: recognize each other?

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    Maybe around 3 mos but that was just one looking at the other baby while I was holding that other baby.  They just recently started doing more face to face and smiling stuff.  In the beginning I really don't think they noticed that there was another baby.  For us, Gracie is much more interested in Ava than Ava is with Gracie.  Grace will look and smile at Ava and reach for her and Ava will do some of that, but for the most part wants to do her own thing.  It's funny to watch!
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    They recognized each other around 4 months, but they really did not start talking and laughing at each other until 9.5 months, it exploded once they both got mobile.
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    ehpopeehpope member
    Mine are almost 7 months and are starting to laugh at each other and interact more and more every day. In the past they have recognized each other, and looked (in awe) at each other. But it's just now starting to get fun. Last night we layed them on their tummys facing each other and they couldn't stop giggling at each other... it was so much fun to watch!
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