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did you strap your changing pad down?

we aren't using a changing table--instead, we're using a regular dresser. my changing pad came with hardware to snap the pad to a dresser. i really don't want to snap it to the dresser, but was wondering if that was a real safety hazard?

anyone else in the same boat?

Re: did you strap your changing pad down?

  • I never strapped it down.  The bottom of the pad has a grippy material and plus I never left the baby unattended. 
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  • I'm not bothering with the strap on mine.  My hands are going to be right there at all times so I don't see the point of the strap.

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  • I was wondering this myself since I really don't want to put any unnecessary holes into the dresser. The bottom of the pad is sticky but was planning on buying some extra non-sliding adhesive but to double check and somehow clamping it down without screwing it in but I haven't figured out that part yet.
  • I'm using an actual changing table, but our pad isn't strapped down either.
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  • We are not strapping ours down.  i figured I will always be with baby so therefore its not needed
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  • imageDreamsicle23:
    I'm not bothering with the strap on mine.  My hands are going to be right there at all times so I don't see the point of the strap.

    This.  The bottom is super sticky, anyway.  

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  • If I strapped mine down, then I wouldn't be able to use the mirror on the dresser - it would have to be mounted UP and OFF of the dresser.  I felt it was more important for the mirror to sit on the dresser for support and get mounted than to strap the changing pad down.  I know I won't be using the changing pad much (probably just at night), and I will not leave the baby alone on top of the dresser.  If it doesn't seem like it is working or is dangerous, then I will have to reconsider....

    A couple things...my changing pad has the grippy stuff, but be careful - it may damage the surface of your dresser.  Also, if you put a cover over the changing pad, it takes away the grippy-ness, and it could be slippery. 

    Just a couple things to consider....

  • i didn't, but i did buy the rubbery no slick material from walmart (with the contact paper stuff) and put it under the pad b/c it was sliding some
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  • Of the three changing tables in our home, none of them have ever been strapped down.
  • No, it works fine without hurting your dresser. No straps needed. :)
  • giaM28giaM28 member
    there is no way im going to drill holes in the top of the furniture. the bottom of the pads usually have a grip but i also went to BBB and got rubber shelf liners to put under the pad. its not like im going to leave him alone on top of the changing pad for any reason what so ever
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  • I'm using a dresser instead of a changing table as well.  I didn't strap mine down, but I did put 3 pieces of sticky velcro down the middle of the pad and then the other side stuck to the dressor.  They come off easily without damaging the dresser as well.  The velcro is very cheap and sold in craft stores!
  • I do see that all have said that they didn't, but grippy or not we did and I am glad we did just in case.
  • DH nailed the changing pad straps into the back of the dresser. I didn't feel like having it slide around the top of the dresser when I was changing LO. But the dresser is not that nice and we've had it for a while so it's not really in pristine condition. We didn't feel bad about nailing holes in the back.  

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  • We have ours strapped down. I wouldn't think it needs to be, as long as you don't leave your baby laying there unattended.
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  • I didn't with my son and I used a changing table (with rails on the side), and I'm not this time either. I'm using a hutch dresser thing. I have yet to buy a smaller pad so the one I have is a tight fit and trust me when I say it isn't going anywhere! haha. And like all the PP said I won't be walking away from her so it's no biggie... Everything I need is right there and even the extra diapers and stuff (in case the caddy runs out) is kept in the drawers so I would be able to keep a hand on her at all times.
  • We are using an antique dresser and our pad came with straps/screw to attach to the back of the dresser, so there are no holes on the top or sides.  We screwed it in just for extra safety - especially once I added the changing pad cover, it is kind of fleecy so it made it move around a little.
  • imagesourpatchkids:
    I'm using an actual changing table, but our pad isn't strapped down either.

    Ditto. We decided against strapping it down after taking an Infant CPR class. Our instructor said not to strap it down, particularly if the changing table/dresser is the only hard surface in the nursery, so that (God forbid) you have to do CPR on the baby, you can throw the changing pad off and do the CPR on the hard surface.  (CPR should not be done on anything cushioned).

  • i never did the first time but DH had his power tools handy this go 'round and we did. 

    Never had a problem last time tough. You can alternatively buy one of those gripper pads to place it on - 

    it looks like this but they sell it at Bed Bath Beyond or Target:

    https://www.ivyleaguesales.com/EZ Grip - 4pk Grip Pad 2.jpg 

  • No, I bought grip material from bed bath and beyond. I didn't want to ruin the furniture (we paid good money for it). Plus, I don't plan on leaving him up there unattended anyway.
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  • We are strapping ours down...just as an added safety measure. We have a mirror that needs to be attached to the dresser, but we won't put that up until the LO is no longer being changed on the dresser.

    In the meantime, we're putting floating shelves above the dresser, then when we take them down, the mirror will hide the holes :o)

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