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What order did your kids get their teeth?

Eve's are coming a funny order.

first she got the bottom 2 in the front middle.

Then she got the top 2 and then the 2 on either side of those.

She never got the second 2 on the bottom front.

Now she's got three molars. The top ones started a little before the bottom one..and the 4th molar is no where close to breaking through.

I am sure she'll get those other two bottom teeth EVENTUALLY, right? And is it normal for her molars to come before those and her canines?

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Re: What order did your kids get their teeth?

  • How do you remember this stuff?  ;o)

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  • So far Ryan only has his 2 bottom front.  And is now working on top front. 

    And I was reading What to Expect the other day on this and this is their ordering:

    Order of Appearance


    The order in which teeth erupt onto the scene is more predictable ? although, again, can vary from tot to tot. In most babies, the bottom front teeth and then the top front teeth (or the bottom and top incisors) rear their pearly white heads first, followed by the teeth immediately to their side (the lateral incisors). The first molars are usually next, followed by the canine teeth (located between the lateral incisors and the first molars), and, finally, the second molars (around your baby's second birthday).


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  • I think Evan's are coming in exacly like that above. I think the canines are the worst!!!
  • Ryan has been stuck on 7 for awhile....4 top, and 3 bottom....I think a molar will appear before the 4th bottom!
  • bottom middle 2, top middle 2, the 2 next to those, then the 2 next to the bottom middle. Now we are working on bottom molars. I can't tell if the tops are coming in or not.

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