2nd Trimester

oh, hi there pelvic & hip pain.

i do not remember you showing up this early last time. 

anyone else in my boat?  

Re: oh, hi there pelvic & hip pain.

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    ME!!!!! (as I hold my hand up as if I was in gradeschool)

    It is soo bad! I already have Bursitis of my hips and this makes is much worse!

    Walking hurts!!!

    I feel your pain!!!

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    I just started going to a chiropractor for this and it's been helping immensely. I also have slight scoliosis and a 3 yr old pelvic injury (5 fractures), so it's no small thing that chiro has been helping me feel better!

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    KingmeKingme member

    Me too!  Mine showed up at 16 weeks and when I said something to my doctor she sent me to an emergency ultrasound to make sure my cervix wasn't opening.  It was scary, but everything is fine.  I can't believe I am going to have this issue for the rest of my pregnancy!

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