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NCSS and older babies

I really need some help with DD's sleep.  DD's sleep has always been bad.  We tried NCSS at 6 months, but we couldn't get it to work. Now I want to try it again, but I don't see how it can work with a LO who stands in their crib.NCSS suggests leaning over and comforting LO in the crib, but the mattress is on the lowest level and I'm short.  I don't see how I could do that physically.   We've always soothed DD by picking her up and rocking her in our arms.  What suggestions do you have for NCSS if I can't lean over that far?  How do you soothe your  LO without picking them up?
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Re: NCSS and older babies

  • NCSS suggests that as ONE alternative.  If it won't work for you, that's okay!  I recommend doing what you've always done, pick up and soothe.  Once your baby progresses to not needing/wanting to be picked up, then soothe through the crib bars.
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