2nd Trimester

16 weeks

16 weeks  today and my hormones are getting the best of me i am an emotional wreck , is this normal ?? i feel so bad for my husband!!

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    thanks i would def say i walk away and cry to myself more then anything lol but sometimes i feel like i am going crazy with how quick i get teary eye'd lol at least i can laugh at it
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    I had a bad night yesterday and as I'm crying huge buckets of tears my husband is looking at me like he can fix the world for me.  He's so sweet but all I could get out is "I'm tired of feeling so fat." :)
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    I am in the same exact place! ...only my hubby isn't here to see it in all its glory. 
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    I am 17 wks and this is my 2nd pregnancy. I can honostly say that I have been very emotional this go round..  My first time I was a happy pregnant, but this time I an sad and emotional sometimes upset and don't know what to do about it.  I don't want to transfer these feelings to my baby, but what do you do?
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