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prenatal yoga on the UES or midtown east?

For some reason, I'm finding it impossible to find prenatal yoga classes after work hours (and of course the Prenatal Yoga Center requires you to buy an 8-week package - but I travel for work & can't do 8 weeks straight). Any suggestions other than PYC?

Re: prenatal yoga on the UES or midtown east?

  • You should try Rosie Pope - Mom Prep on Madison.

    They offer classes time to time on this. 

  • wow, thanks! Now I feel stupid b/c I live literally around the corner from that place and didn't even think to check there!
  • Yogaworks on Third Ave. at 75th (next to Citarella).  The "after work" class times that they have are a bit early for me but they have a Saturday afternoon class that I love.
  • thank you so much. I'll check both places out! 

  • Pure Yoga on 86th btw 2&3. Has a wonderful prenantal class that is on Mondays and Thurdays from 6 to7. You have to sign up for a package, but its a great class.
  • Hi Sessatecca:)

    Yes, YogaWorks is great and has a class at 6:15PM every night except Wednesday. Details here:

    Mom Prep has a Prenatal Yoga class on Monday nights at 7:15PM. Details can be found here:

     And Pure Yoga has the classes on Mondays and Thursdays (as mentioned above) Details can be found here:

     Prenatal Yoga is great for those pregnancy aches and pains, and for helping in an easing labor:)




    Renee Sullivan

     Parent Coach to Expectant Moms




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