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Olivia Eve

I was thinking the same thing-that she might need to go down to one nap. How did you go about that? Will her new one nap time be between the 2 original naptimes? Some mornings she seems just beat and needs a morning snooze. She definitely seems to be fighting the afternoon nap-shes been going down later and it's been taking her a long time to fall asleep for it and bedtime has been taking forever as well. I'm just not sure how you figure out what time is the new naptime for her. And I fear that it'll be a short nap and not a nice, long one. Right now her 2 naps range from about 40min-1.5 hours each so I'm afraid if she only does one the max it'll be is 1.5 hours which doesnt seem like much. Any advice? Thanks!!

Re: Olivia Eve

  • We started moving her morning nap later and later- I think we started shifting it a half hour later each day. Then she would jut skip the afternoon nap altogether. Eventually we moved the afternoon nap to around noon, although now it's a little later. At first, the one nap wasn't that long, about an hour, but gradually it got longer and now it's about two. It was really easy for us to switch to one, although I will say that Rosie doesn't really get cranky when she misses a nap or doesn't take a long one, so I think it made the transition easier.
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