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When did you switch?

I'm wondering when you switched LO to medium flow nipples.  The nipples we buy for our bottles (Tommee Tippee) are labeled 0-3 mos./slow flow.  Is 3 months pretty standard for starting them on medium flow? 

Stella gets about 3-4 bottles a day at day care, maybe 1-2 on the weekends, and I BF the rest of the time.

DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11

Re: When did you switch?

  • They say to stick with slow if you BF, using faster can cause baby to prefer a bottle because they don't have to work so hard to get the milk. I am not sure how true it is, but we just switched to medium last month (he only get a few bottles a week).

    I would say unless it is taking her forever to drink her bottles to stick with slow, if she is a slow bottle drinker.....then try mediums!

    Good luck!

  • If you are BFing I would stick with slow flow nipples indefinitely to avoid her wanting the fast bottles over working harder at nursing.


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  • Elizabeth is a very slow sucker.  But that is her....nothing to do with the nipples.  (I think I posted before about her tongue issues and all that).  We tried to switch at 3 months but she choked a bit.  Then DH tried again 2 weeks later and she did well, but then spit up all over everything.  I think he tried it with 3 bottles and she kept spitting up.  So we held off again until 4 months and then she finally was able to do it.

    DH asked me to buy the fastest flow a couple months ago, but I completely forgot until this post.  I probably won't bother unless he brings it up again.

  • we switched only because I bought larger sized bottles and they came w/ medium flow nipples. I think he was 8 months, and we were almost done BFing at that time though.
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    We didn't switch until he was quite a bit older. I tried the medium flow at the age it was indicated for, but he had a hard time with it. It wasn't until he was maybe 8 or 9 months that I used a faster nipple because that's what came with the bottle.
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