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We're going back to the pedi tomorrow

Because somebody has replaced my nice, sweet, happy (though nonsleeping) with a cranky, screaming, and still nonsleeping baby. She's been running a fever off and on all week. She's been fever free for two days now but frankly she's driving me nuts. She SCREAMS if I put her down- not just cries, screams. It sounds like she's going to choke/puke/stop breathing kind of screaming. The kind of scream with no sound until she takes a breath.

If I nurse her 24/7, she sleeps. If she's not nursing, she sleeps maybe 10 minutes and then wakes up and screams for 45 minutes.

 I either need some better medicine for her (she's on antibiotics) or something for my nerves, because right now they are SHOT! from listening to blood curdling screams for hours on end. 

Re: We're going back to the pedi tomorrow

  • Ugh, my post made me sound awful. I realize that this isn't fun for her either, and she probably is just as frustrated as I am. I know she needs/wants SOMETHING, I just can't figure out what it is. And right now trying to figure it out is making us both nuts.
  • Ugh, that sounds awful! So sorry for both of you. Hope the pedi has some answers.
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  • that sounds horrible for both of you! i hope the trip to the pedi gets you both some answers, and on your way to some better days and nites.
  • I don't think it made you sound awful at all, when I read it my heart just broke for you...and your poor sweet little lovie, too.  ::hugs::

    I hope the pedi has some solution for you, what a horrible thing to go through...

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  • I hope that your LO is back to her normal, happy self soon!  Hugs to you...
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