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pikkolo carrier

does anyone have a pikkolo carrier?  I just got mine in the mail...seems the bottom buckle is incorrectly it just mine/manufacturing defect...or how it is?  tia

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Re: pikkolo carrier

  • Did you look at the instructions? It is supposed to be put on apron style. So the outside of the carrier is against your body when you buckle it. then you will fold it up around your baby creating a pouch where the baby sits. I believe I though mine was threaded incorrectly too until I tried it on following the instructions.

     Oh and there is a support belt that you can purchase seperatly with that you put it on like other non-apron style carreir and to attach it and to be able to use it you have to re thread the buckes anyway so if it is really incorrect it is not a problem to fix. I think if you follow the instructions though you will find that it is fine. 

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