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Tulsa Doulas?

Does anyone have any experience with the doulas from Natural Lullabies?  Have you taken any of their prenatal yoga or birth classes?  Thanks!

Re: Tulsa Doulas?

  • I haven't heard of them, but I'm from OKC.  My cousin is a doula in the OKC area and I asked her.  She's going to ask her doula and midwife friends in Tulsa about them.  I'll let you know what she says!
  • I haven't, but my Bradley Methods instructor is a doula and is an awesome person.  Her name is Kathy Taylor.

    Kathy Taylor CD(DONA)-

    Kathy is a DONA certified birth doula.

    Member:  DONA International, DONEOK

    Fee:  $400

    Phone:  918-494-2804/918-284-2950

    Email:  [email protected]


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  • I was going to recommend Kathy Taylor.  I gave birth in OKC and used an OKC area doula ... but we used Kathy for our Bradley instruction and I loved her energy.
  • I have heard good things from friends about the doulas from Natural Lullabies and plan on using one - we just haven't decided which one yet. 


    We are also signed up for their next childbirth class (starting Aug 1) and I am going to some of the prenatal yoga classes - they are great but my schedule is in flux.


  • Update on Tulsa Doulas.... I met with Melissa from Natural Lullabies shortly after posting this question.  She's fantastic and is scheduled to attend our son's birth this fall.  We are also taking her Pure Birth classes.  Looks like one of my classmates has checked in on this board. What a sweet group of couples!  Tulsa is such a small world!
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