Overwhelmed by twins on the move!

Our girls are almost 9 months old.  They are both crawling all over the place and one of them is standing when she holds on to things (the Busy Zoo, gate, crib, etc).  I'm really happy that they are healthy and meeting milestones, but I have to be honest - I'm so overwhelmed!  It seems like whenever one needs help on one side of the room (because she forgets how to sit back down once she's standing), the other twin topples over and hits her head.  They are both starting to crawl all over me when I'm on the floor - which can be adorable - but they end up pulling each other's hair/ears/etc. when they are both on my lap at the same time.

I'm basically looking for advice - how did you adjust to two (or more!) babies on the move?  I get upset when they hit their heads, can't seem to keep both of them safe...and they aren't even walking yet!  Our house is childproof, but that doesn't stop them from falling or tipping over.  

Any tips?  Words of advice?  Thanks!!! 

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Re: Overwhelmed by twins on the move!

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    janjagjanjag member

    i'm ready for a vacation!

    only thing i can say is that they will probably stop toppling over soon.  instead, they will be pushing each other down and jumping on each other. 

    oh, mine don't pull each other's hair, just mine.  but i do love the time we spend on the floor with them climbing all over me. 

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    Oh I know!  I was lucky enough that DD started moving before DS, so I had time to adjust before he caught up.  Now I have two one-year-olds who love to climb and cruise, but are not walking yet thank goodness!  Mine also pull each other down and now get jealous when one is getting attention.  I honestly don't have a great plan...I just run around all day.  Good exercise though!  Also, when one hits their heard/body (twice already this morning), I just run to that one and pick them up if it's a bad fall and give comfort and love.  It's how they learn how to do things so I don't get too worried.
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    Just remember their bodies and especially their heads are made to withstand some bangs. At first I freaked every time they hit their head, etc, and my son especially would react worse because of my reaction. I had to really learn to not react. Give them time to work out the startle of hitting their head. I found they started to not cry and not think of it as a big deal within a week. Now when they fall over because they push each other or trip or whatever they look at me right away to see my reaction. If it IS a bad fall or bump then comfort obviously.

    It gets easier. Promise.

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    Like a PP said, my reaction tends to fuel their reaction, so if they tip over and don't hit anything hard on the way down, I typically clap. I hated it when they first got mobile and started pulling up on things and honestly, a couple of times of falling, they learned how to take fall, ie lean back to fall on their butt. It does get better, now if they fall over its because one pulled the other one down.

    What helped us was the big baby gate so they had an area that had toys, but were safe from the coffee table such.

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    kegkeg member
    Baby jail was our friend!  We had a big enclosure made with Superyard panels and had foam mats underneath from Sam's and this made life much easier.  It kept them contained in a smaller area and cushioned some of their falls.  However, as pp have mentioned, this state doesn't last long.  My DH actually expected them to fall and hit their heads a lot more than the have (knock on wood), particularly when they started walking.  I know it's hard to believe, but they have hard heads and many times their bumps hurt us more than it does them! 
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