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*boxer* A question about boxers

Are they good in small houses? We're pretty active so there will be lots of jogging and walks to be had. We dont have room for one now, but if DH gets this job there's a really cute little house we're looking at renting, and it allows dogs.  I've been training since I was a kid, so I'd like a smart dog and I think they are beautiful.

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Re: *boxer* A question about boxers

  • I have a boxer... We just moved and our backyard is super tiny.  She has been doing great though I walk her 3 times a day and let her of the leash at the softball field to run.  I will say they are very hyper dogs and like to jump.  She is almost 3 and just now started to chill out.  And they are very smart.  She can learn a trick withing just a few minutes... 
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  • My friend has one in a small apartment in LA (and had him here in Atlanta, too) - but, he runs at least 3 miles a day with him...

    Boxers are amazing dogs though!!! 

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  • Our boxer girl would be fine in a small place, but she's 8.  Not too sure about a puppy.  I wouldn't be as worried about the excercise factor since you said you're pretty active (and dog parks seem to be everywhere these days), but I'd worry about idle hands (or teeth in this case) and leather shoes ;)
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