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can anyone suggest a breast pump? i didnt register for one because I was up in the air about what I wanted to do. I am going to a breast feeding class next week and was just wondering what everyone's opinions were. The Meda one is expensive but I want something that works great too, especially for when I return to work. Any opinions are welcome.

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    My SIL has the Lansoil (?spelling?) one...I registered for it as well after my cousin's CONSTANT complants about her Mediola (again spelling) one.
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    When it comes to an affordable breastpump that is efficient enough for daily pumping for back-to-work, several BFing and working/pumping boards over at iVillage recommend the Ameda Purely Yours. The PY is also sold as the Lansinoh Double Electric breast pump, just under the Lansinoh brand name. It's cheaper than the Medela, but many people say it's just as good and efficient. The Medela Pump In Style is the most commonly used one, I believe, but it tends to be more expensive.
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    I had the Medela Pump In Style and it was good.  You might want to consider renting one first. Sometimes BFing doesn't work out and then you won't be stuck with a $200 pump.
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    Ah!  Yeah - Lansinoh...that is the one I registered for.

     I have heard a few negatives about the Medela one - nothing to do with cost (IMO I would absolutely pay more for something I knew/was informed by a trusted source to be better.)

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    imagemo duinne:
    I had the Medela Pump In Style and it was good.  You might want to consider renting one first. Sometimes BFing doesn't work out and then you won't be stuck with a $200 pump.

    This. haven't used the pump myself since it's my first baby, but my friends have and that's what I'm going to get.  

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    Also - check with your health insurance.  Apparently mine will pay 80% of the cost of a pump once I get a doctor's prescription for one (a little weird, but whatever).  I have to run through my deductible first, but I'm pretty sure that will happen with the hospital visit! 
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    I'm still undecided if I'm going to BF or not but I'm getting the PJ's Comfort Breast Pump from work for free.
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    I used the Medela hands free one (PISA?) and loved it. I pumped in my office at work so was able to reply to e-mails, etc while pumping. It was small too so easy to throw in a bag. I have a friend who bought the same and breastfeeding didn't end up working out for her and she had to sell it and take a loss. I'd say you might not need it right away, so you might want to wait.

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    I have the Medela Pump in Style and LOVE it
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    Here's something useful just for some food for thought:


     Also, check Consumer reports for safety stuff on it.

    I'm getting the Medela PISA...I've heard mixed reviews about it - but the negative reviews I've heard were mainly due to the noise...or something like that, and those are definitely things I can live with.


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