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Since I look like a newb today

that means I can ask newbish questions right?

I have a dental appointment for a couple fillings in a couple weeks. It takes at least two full shots of whatever it is they use (the second one is generally the stronger stuff because the first one doesn't work well enough).

Can I still do this or should I put the ax to the appointment?


Re: Since I look like a newb today

  • My dentist would not do the filling I needed until after the baby was born, but he said if it became painful, he would do it once I was out of 1st Tri.
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  • All I know is cleanings are fine but x-rays are not. I would just call and ask about anything else.
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  • My dentist would only do my cleaning and told me to wait on any other procedures until after the baby was born.
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  • My OB says I can have novocaine without epinephrine, and prefers that I don't have any dental work (other than cleaning) in first tri.
  • I would call the dentist's office.  i think its generally ok, but some dentists prefer not to
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  • If you're who I think you are, then a very big congrats!  I hadn't seen your news.
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  • I would reschedule the appt to at least 2nd trimester.
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