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Little things that make you smile today

Doesn't have to be today but recently, anything little thing that happened that made you smile or brightened your day?

Mine today is this random text that I just got from DH:

Just texting to say good morning and I love you. Have a great day


He is probably bored at work and just wanted to text something, little does he know it put a massive ear-to-ear smile on my face. 

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Re: Little things that make you smile today

  • The other night, DH and I were sitting out on our patio, and he suddenly got all teary eyed.  I asked what was wrong even though I assumed it was about Jillian, and he said, "nothing.  I just love you so much."
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  • After 3 hours of trying to figure out what was wrong with Grant, I put him in his bouncy with all of the lights and what not b/c I thought maybe he was bored and wanted something else to look at.  Nope, fell right asleep.  Finally some quiet
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  • Last night a lady at BJs asked if I was 'gonna go have that baby in the morning or what?' DH usually thinks I'm being oversensitive about those kind of comments, but this time he said 'hun, it's because you started out small, so the baby doesn't have any fat to hide in.' It wasn't much, but it made my night.

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