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Emmy's sick again :(

Running a high temp... it's about 100 under her arm with motrin, 102.5+ without :( She's on antibiotics right now, so I assume it's just a virus? I don't know :( My poor baby. She's been sick for a week now :(

Re: Emmy's sick again :(

  • Geez, you all can't get a break over there!

    Are you going to call the pedi again? I would just to be safe, but that's just me. 

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  • I called yesterday at the end of the day, they said since she's on antibiotics already just to bring her in if her fever is over 103.5. That seems REALLY high to me... they said I didn't even have to give tylenol/motrin until her temp was over 102. I've been a bit more generous with the medicine than that.. I just don't like to think of her in pain.

    Her temp was lower-ish this AM, if it goes back up this afternoon I'll call and see if I can get in the urgent care. I just don't know what's wrong with her! It's been almost a week now.. and if you remember waaaay back 2 weekends ago, she ran a fever then too. 

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