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Funny looks for BWing toddlers anyone?

For a while now I've only worn DS, 22 months, at my work for an hour each Friday when I need both hands and DS outta trouble.  Last week I thought he'd like to sit and watch the entertainment by himself because he's a pretty independent dude- within my sight - while he had a snack.  I guess he got engrossed in the tap dancers, lol, realized I wasn't RIGHT there and let out a wail and was attached at the hip the rest of the day.  

He was still more clingy this weekend while we were visiting my parents for the weekend and I ended up wearing him in Whole Foods and then on a walk through Ventura.  I had a few people ask about the wrap and where I got it, and my husband said that he saw a few people (men) roll their eyes.  Now, DS is tiny, only 25 lbs, but he doesn't look like a baby anymore.  Truthfully, it made me feel a little self conscious being judged negatively like that - you'd think I'd be over that by now, lol.  And my DH is nothing but supportive of BWing etc so it's not him projecting his feelings :)

Anyone else get grief for wearing their older toddler?  Any tips on dealing?

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Re: Funny looks for BWing toddlers anyone?

  • I rarely wear DS anymore, mainly because he is pretty big (30+ lbs, 35 in), but DH wears him occasionally. Most people are pretty positive about BW IME.
  • Just ignore them! 

    I always smile at baby wearing mama's, and I'm sure they probably think I'm crazy, lol.

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  • Hi, I'm from Camarillo and noticed that you mentioned you were in Ventura. I live in Orange County now and find parenting to be a bit more progressive here than back home. I see a lot more babywearing, especially of older tots, here.

    If you and your son enjoy it than don't worry about it. I feel like the combo of myself, DH, DD, and our dog are quite the spectacle at times. I'm not super outgoing so the unsolicited attention can make me uneasy but I am trying to embrace it more as DD and DH are social butterflies. He is 16 inches taller than I am, and DD & our dog are super cute (well it is true :-) ) so most of the attention is good but sometimes I would prefer that we didn't stand out so much.

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  • Yeah, right here!  I'm still wearing my 32lb, 2.5 year old.  NOT a baby anymore, LOL.  Most people think it's awesome and that DD has the best ride ever.  You can tell she loves it.  Most two year olds get carried everywhere and kill your arm or run off while mom pushes the stroller.  You just have to do whatever you're more comfortable with. 


    I was wearing her at a kid's fest on Sunday and I did get a funny look from the lady at the chiropractic booth.  Other than that, my friend who was with me commented that she'd rather wear her kid than put him on a leash like some of the other moms were doing. I think the best looks I got was shopping last weekend, with her sleeping in the BabyHawk in full princess regalia. 


    I wear DD everyday when I come home from work for about a half hour before she stops being so clingy and runs off to play again.   I totally get the clingy toddler thing.  How else are you supposed to get stuff done?!?!

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  • I get a mix of weird glances and smiles...doesn't help that i'm little at 5'2" and I have a tall 19 month old.  He must look bizarrely huge on my back!  I just ignore and enjoy having DS so close.
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