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Telling my boss

Ok, so I am 17 weeks and I still havent told my boss. I just started in Feb and I hardly ever see him. I have no idea how to tell him. I know I need to do it before I really start showing. How did everybody else tell their boss? I just want to send it in an email but that just doesnt seem right. lol


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    My OB provides a letter to give my employer... but I told my supervisor at my job interview, so it was not required.  Really, at 13 weeks they should know, especially if there is heavy lifting/ manual labor and you use their health insurance to provide your pre-natal care.
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    I wouldn't make it too complicated. I just went to his office and said, "Hey, do you have a few minutes to chat?" He said, "Yeah, what's up?" and I said, "I'm very excited to tell you that I'm pregnant." He said a few congratulations, asked when I was due, and wished me well in the coming months.

    I wouldn't send an email if you have the option, it feels off to me for some reason that I can't put my finger on.

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    I really dont know why I havent told him. I just havent. I work for a resort in the reservation department. I sit all day and there is no lifting. I also do not have insurance here. I just need to grow some balls and go and tell him.
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    My boss is very in and out of the office, so I called ahead of time and asked if she'd be around to chat around 230 (I had to be in work at 3).. she said yeah and asked if everything was okay, and I said yeah I just wanted to talk to her about something. So I went in to work early and went in her office and she says "Soooo I figure you're going to tell me one of three things, but please don't tell me you're leaving!" and then I just told her. She was excited for me, said congratultions, told me to let her know if theres anything I need, or if I needed to change my hours at all. She also said she'd keep it on the DL until I was ready to tell (I was excited to tell my co-workers ASAP so that wasn't necessary, but it was nice of her to say). She was really very cool about it. GL.
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    I agree with PP, call ahead, make an appt and go in there and tell him. Once you have the appt then you have to go thru w/ it, so I think it will get easier once you've locked down a time cause no chickening out. You need to tell him in person. Quitting a job and announcing you'll be out for a long time (eventually obviously) should be told in person IMHO.

    Also, if he is smart he will make it really easy on you. My friend told me the second she told her boss he slipped into very legally safe language, "OK good, you know your job is safe and we will send you to HR to talk about the leave and compensation..." etc.

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    I told at right around 20 weeks this time (I wasn't showing yet so I could get away with it).  I just went into his office and said I am expecting.  I plan to work until Labor Day and barring any complications my pregnancy should not affect my attendance at all.  He was professional and congratulatory.  I don't think anything more than that needs to be said.
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