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Bleeding after D&E

Wednesday will be the two week mark for my D&E and I'm still bleeding. Not necessarily a lot, but just enough to annoy me. I keep thinking, oh today is the day it will stop and then there's more that appears. This does not help with the emotional healing part whatsoever! Anyone bleed this long? I think I read I could bleed up to 6 weeks, but I was hoping it would have stopped by now!
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Re: Bleeding after D&E

  • My two week mark is today.  I actually stopped a few days after, then started again last week.  I'm still bleeding!  I called my doctor last week, because I had really bad cramps and the papers they gave to me said up to ten days.  He said that under the circumstances it was normal.  You might want to call just to let them know, but I guess I wouldn't worry about it too much.  Sorry though!
  • Last Friday was 2 weeks for me and I'm still having the nasty brown discharge, but a very small amount. I asked the doctor about it at my f/u appt last week and was told it could last another few weeks. I agree that it does not help with the emotional healing at all.
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  • I bed for about 3 weeks. The last week was off and on spotting and intermittent gushes (not too heavy) of old blood.
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  • I've been bleeding for over 5 weeks now. For a few weeks it was just light spotting here or there that was SO annoying. I thought it was going away and then it just kept lingering. But then it went right into 1st AF which I am dealing with now. Then, I *hope* I should be done bleeding for a while.
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  • my OB said i could bleed for about 4 weeks. i bled for 1 week, spotted for one week, and then it ended for a week until I got my period the next week. hang in there, I know the bleeding is a bad reminder, but it's also a reminder that your body is healing, try to think of it that way if it helps :) ((hugs))

    Erin :)

  • I bled for about 2 1/2 weeks. It was on and off though. I bled for probably 1 week straight then had spotting on and off the rest of the time (just when I thought it went away I would begin spotting again Sad ). My OB said it was normal that I could spot through 4 weeks. As of now (4 weeks) it's gone. Hopefully I'm on my way to getting AF!
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  • i agree that the bleeding gets to be so exhausting emotionally. i had spotting/bleeding during the entire 6 weeks i knew that i was pg and then about two weeks of bleeding after the procedure and i felt like i was going mental! the bleeding has stopped for me in the past week and it's wonderful. i hope it stops for you very soon (which im sure it will!).
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