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update 5/27 "intro" post(long)

I posted about my situation on 5/27.  For a refresher...I thought I was pg at the end of March, but never tested because I thought AF came (on schedule, even though light and short). Anyway, I started bleeding/clotting mid April which would have been midcycle for a regular cycle... I passed a large clot that contained tissue and bled for several days.  I went to my very rude, condescending, now-ex Dr.  who gave me a pee test and pretty much refused to do bloodwork....ANYWAY (sorry so long)

So this past Friday, I had a sudden attack of genius and remembered that a few days after what I thought was AF bleeding, I went to the Dr. for being shaky, dizzy, lightheaded, heart skipping beats...and my Dr. ran bloodwork....CHA-CHING...I called my Dr's office because I was sure they would test for pg.  I asked the nurse to take a look at my labs and sure enough, I was pg.  I asked her why those results were not in the paperwork I was mailed, and better yet, why they didn't call and she said they ran it separately and the paperwork was left on the lab desk, while the cbc was faxed to my Dr's desk.  When she went to go pick up my chart from the lab, she assumed they had called me about it since it wasn't faxed.  Crappy situation, but I do feel better now that I know.  I didn't think to ask her about #s since I found out what really mattered to me....  I just want to thank you all for being supportive on my first post.  Even though I wasn't sure I should post because I didn't have that initial pg confirmation I wasn't sure how I would be taken... I'm glad I did because you all were very supportive and comforting.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Re: update 5/27 "intro" post(long)

  • i am again terribly sorry for your loss.  we as women know our bodies better than anyone.  that being said we know when somethins up.  anyhow,  i know you will find lots of comfort and support here.  we are all here for you.
  • I'm glad you got some answers!  I'm glad you made a change of doctor!

    Hope you are doing okay  *hugs*

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  • I'm glad you were able to get answers.  Please don't be afraid to post. 
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    We love and miss you Jillian (18w) and Peanut (6w). Welcome to our TAC miracle Jacob!
  • I'm so very sorry for your loss. And I'm glad to hear you have a new doctor too. ((hugs))
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