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what allergies does your son have?

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  • A has tested positive for egg, wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, all molds, cats, and cochroaches.
  • Ugh---that sucks!   Very similar to DS.  DS is allergic to all dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, peanuts and tree nuts.  He was allergic to soy but has since grown out of that one--thankfully!!!  He is also allergic to cats--and we have one.  He does ok with her as long as he doesn't get too close and we keep the cat hair cleaned up.

    We haven't had him tested for environmental things yet though---not sure why.  He'll be re-tested in about 9 mos or so, and we'll see what they can test for then.  I'm assuming he's allergic to mold based on his reactions to things.

    Any good sites you use?  Any good recipes.  I have a list of foods in his blog--which I've really been sucking at updating lately.   But man, his foods are soooooooo expensive--as I'm sure you learned as well.


  • As my DH says i dont have to work to clothe our child..i ahve to work to feed her...we really just try to stick with the least processed foods that we can..i grow all of our vegis and we buy a cow each year, we live in a small town and the only health food store is about 45 minutes away, whole foods about 3 hours! eek so she mainly eats fruits vegis meats and rice she does get oatmeal! which i only recently learned i could give her!
  • There's some stuff you can buy on amazon as well---which is helpful.

    We are lucky to have a Whole Foods within an hour or so away---but that gets pricey.  We too just try to cook as naturally as possible. 

    We use Quinoa pasta a lot----it's very high in protein.  And actuallly tastes great.  I made it my mission to only cook meals for the family--not JUST for DS--and so far so good. 

    I highly recommend sunbutter--it is just like peanut butter but sunflower seeds are not nuts or tree nuts.  Tastes really great.  We use that on light tapioca loaf bread---which he likes (but smells horrid). 

    We use VANS waffles a lot---even our grocery store locally is starting to sell them. 

    Great idea for buying a cow---DH has been wanting to do that for a while.  We also live in a rural area--but are within an hour of a bigger city.  Storage is the biggest issue--we have so much in our freezers already. 

    I actually just gave DS those push-up popsicles and he loved them--and no reaction!  Hooooooooray.


  • ::butting into post::

    Your poor babies!  I have a gluten allergy and it's hard to find stuff even for me to eat, even though the past couple of years places have gotten a lot better as far as labeling allergens.  I am still waiting for them to put an Allergy board on here.

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