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My first FB vent. Grrr.

Yeah, so about 60% of my friends on FB are pregnant, I swear.  Most are due around when my baby was.  This is the latest from an old college friend:

Booo to the rain on BBQ party day! Booo to not being able to eat fruit, buns, chips, or cinnamon rolls at my BBQ party. Boooo to my ouchy fingers from needle pokes! Booooooo to heartburn, backache, and leg cramps. And Booooo to anyone who wants to help me "look on the bright side." Booooooo, I say!!!

Really? Boo?  I had to bite my tongue from saying something snarky.  You have a lot to be thankful, so quit b*tching about your pregnancy. 

Re: My first FB vent. Grrr.

  • Boo on that whole status!!
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  • booooooooooooooo to FHs.
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  • (((hugs)) Annoying KU hoes who just complain are stupid and hurtful to us, TTCALers. That is what my FB was turning into...

    This is why the best feature in my opinion on FB is the hide one. Hide that smug KU moron.. you can also type her name and check her status whenever the urge strikes you

    not biter or anything...

  • imagelindsay.lou:
    booooooooooooooo to FHs.

    this exactly!

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  • Yeah, I'm thinking the "hide" feature will need to be used in this instance.  I get that pg can be tough at times, but being crabby towards someone who might try to help you remain positive is ridiculous.
  • Boo to her.
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  • Huge thumbs down to that status! I know how you feel-I need to use the hide feature sometimes too. There is a girl on my fb who just had her baby a few weeks ago...that one was really hard because I would've been due with my first like three days before she was.

    Oh-and also-I was just on facebook earlier and you know how they have the little advertisements that you can click on off to the side? Mine had an ad for Plan B...I was like "wtf facebook??" ...ugh.

  • that status sucks!!!!
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  • I'm not that strong, I would've commented something like 'you don't know how good you have it.'
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  • Boooooo... THROAT PUNCH!
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  • Boooo to that status.  I'm not sure I understand why she can't eat fruit at her BBQ (I realize that wasn't the point of the post).  I don't recall fruit being on my list of don't eats except either mango or papaya (can't remember which) because it could induce labor some say?

    HIDE HER! :)

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