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I cant get full!

I've been eating non-stop throughout the day and I still feel famished, like I havent eaten at all. I was with a client this morning and my stomach made the sound of a jet engine. It was soo embarrassing! This better not continue, I'm not exactly eating for two just yet.Does anyone have this problem?


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Re: I cant get full!

  • Ooooo me!! I want to eat all the time, and on top of that I only want to eat junk. I'm really having to force myself to eat all the healthy foods that I know I should eat.
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  • me too! I feel so gross, but I'm starving every few hours.
  • I have been the queen of grazing for the past month. I'm generally a hungry person anyway, but now it's out of control. No real cravings yet, but luckily I feel equally drawn to healthy foods as snacks.

    I look ridiculous going into work with my lunch bag bursting at the seams, enough variety to chow on something every 1-2 hrs, practically!

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