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It has been decided

that my workplace needs its own soap opera. We've got the alcoholic supervisor, complete with cheating wife, but he handles it by drunk dialing all the females on shift, we've got the sweet and innocent young girl whose husband is leaving her for the neighbor, the Bible thumpers wanting to save us all, the best friends that last night got drunk and beat each other up, then cried and made up (yes, two grown married men), the closet homosexuals dealing with their struggles in everyday military life, the people who kiss ass and annoy everyone, and the rest of us who just don't give a damn and like to sit back and watch the everyday drama as it unfolds. All this in the workplace where more than 60% of the people working there are clinically depressed and medicated, and the top 8 people are being fired for the morale and number of suicides in the place. 

We spent last night debating how many seasons said show would last.  


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