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Also a baby name question

Watching Am?lie made me think of this. If you were to name your child something that traditionally has an accent would you put it in their name here in the US?

I know many languages depend on the accents to tell you how to pronounce the word, but English isn't like that. Also many people in this country have no clue how to use accents on their computer. However, it is the traditional spelling of the name.

Am?lie or Amelie, for example, what do you think? 


Re: Also a baby name question

  • Probably not, only because not everyone knows how to pull up those marks when typing so it will get dropped off a lot anyway.
  • I'm going to go with no on the accent.  Then again we went with a different spelling of Emilia's name so she's going to have people screwing it up her entire life.  We should have thrown an accent mark on there just to further screw people up.
  • We did not.  Oisin traditionally had a faddagh over the 2nd "i". 

    Like this: Ois?n

    Can you see it?  The faddagh is not only used on an "i".  The Gaelic spelling of Kieran also has a faddagh over one of the "a"s in the name, although I know a Ciaran with faddaghs over both.

    Traditional: Ciar?n

    In Ireland, I would probably have added a faddagh, but not here.

    photo db44578a-7b8c-4755-ad7b-b5de3ca46717.jpg

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  • image weelass24:

    In Ireland, I would probably have added a faddagh, but not here.

    This is basically what I think. In any country where it is commonplace I would but not here. Thanks 

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