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Whatcha doing about bad dreams?

Does anyone have any tips that seem to turn down the intensity of the bad pregnancy dreams?

I seem to have gotten myself in a bit of a cycle here, and it's starting to make me crazy. I recently found out that DH will be returning from his deployment later than planned. This is in no way surprising, and will probably change 65788 more times until he's actually home, but I guess it's stressing me more than I thought. I keep having these nightmares that I'm going into labor and nobody cares or will bring me to the hospital, and since I don't get there in time, I lose the baby. 

Then I wake up all upset, and fixate on all the things that are out of my control (usually Army related, where are we going next, what's going to happen with DH's reenlistment, DH missing the birth, DH getting hurt...). I think this sets me up nicely for more bad dreams.

I'm doing all the things I normally do during a deployment (staying busy, trying to focus on what I can control, etc...) but they don't seem to be helping. Do the dreams get better, or ever go away? Any tips?

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    The beginning of this pregnancy I was having HORRIBLE dreams. I never wanted to sleep because I was almost scared to. My doctor wasn't exactly sure what to do with me (I was still seeing my RE at this point) but she talked about me taking Benadryl or if that didn't work I was maybe going to go on a anti-depressant. It however went away after that! I bet that once your hormones even out you will feel better and stop having these bad dreams... you will still have strange dreams but hopefully they are about food like I have now. Hang in there and I hope your DH comes home very soon!
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    UG! I had a dream last night that I was spotting badly and it seemed so real that when I woke up I was almost crying. I have been thinking about my dreams all day and just very upset with it ( I really wish I could control it!). Good luck, I hope it gets better soon!
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    I have not really had 'bad' dreams but some super crazy ones including things like delivering and then within hours having to help someone move all of their stuff to a new house - carrying the baby in one arm and hauling a couch with the other. Another one was about missing my ride to the hospital and having to deliver at home with the mailman having to help because my hubby and daughter had driven off without me. WEIRD. I'm hoping they go away because they are so weird.
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    You can try journaling. And talk to your DH about them too.


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    I usually have some pretty crazy dreams, but if you have a "ritual" every night, like listening to calm music, or lighting some candles and taking a nice bath-that should help, at least a little bit. If you create a ritual for yourself, you can depend on that and it should make you feel more safe and hopefully help your bad dreams turn around :)
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