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Going rate for childcare?

I know there is a pretty big range, and I know the typical cost for full time daycare at a center.  However, we only need very part time daycare (6 months of the year varying from 10 hours a week to 15 hours a week).  A family friend offered to babysit him for $10 an hour.  Am I being incredibly cheap if we offer $8 instead?  The childcare would be at her house, so it won't include light housekeeping or any cooking.

Re: Going rate for childcare?

  • We pay $171 a week for full time, down by the airport- which is a cheaper part of town.  This is for the 2 yo room- I think newborns are about $190.  There are part time rates, but the cost is actually more per day.  Personally, I think $10 an hour is cheap b/c most nannies charge like $15 an hour I think?  Would this be the only baby she is caring for or does she keep others?  If she keeps others, then I'd feel a little better about negotiating but if this is the only one she is caring for, then I think I'd pay it.  I guess you have to weigh the cost of your friendship in there too... is it really worth possibly causing an awkward to save $30 a week?






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  • I think $10 is reasonable. I don't think babysitters get that little these days. Ten years ago I charged $8/hr.
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  • When I was a nanny in college I was paid $18/hour.  I think most now are around $15/hour, so if this girl is asking for $10, I think that's fair.  And like the PP said, I don't think the worry about saving $30/week is a big deal, you know?
  • OK, thanks everyone for the advice!
  • When I first went back to work, one of our best friend's kept Owen. She was a stay at home mom and had a 11/2 year old of her own. We paid her $8 an hour usually around 15-25 hours a week. I offered 10 and she said she thought 7. We ended up compromising at 8.

    Then we had a nanny and paid $10 an hour for 20-30 hours a week at our home. That is on the cheap side for nannies and babysitters. We pay teenage/college girls $10 an hour to babysit. Our friend's 14 year old daughter that just started babysitting gets $5 an hour.

    Also, think about what other options you have for childcare if this situation doesn't work out? How much would you pay then? Do you feel like you would trust your friend more versus finding a stranger to nanny? Peace of mind is worth a lot! Especially with a newborn! That was the best part of leaving him with our friend Emily. I knew there was almost no one else I could trust more with my child.

    A possible downside to having a friend or family member watch him is, will you feel comfortable telling them what you want done with your child or if they need to change something they are doing? I know a couple of ladies on this board have had issues with this.

    Only you and your DH can decide what the best childcare situation is for your family. I would talk as much as possible with each other and then your prospective caregiver to make sure you are on the same page. Good luck with your decision and congrats on your baby!

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  • The Sunshine House charges us $4 an hour for drop-in daycare (DD goes about 10-16 hours a week). By far the cheapest place we found, but also the nicest center we visited. We love them!

    The going rate we saw for drop-in daycare was $7 an hour. Not sure what a fair in home rate would be. I felt better having her at a center than in someone's home I wasn't close friends with.

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