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holy sick batman

y'all, we, as in all four of us, have been uber sick since Thursday night. this is definitely the worst long weekend ever.  the husband is definitely better today, but the boys and I still are not.  I'm now VERY glad I made it almost 3 years without having to deal with either vomit or diarhea from the kids, but I definitely got 3 years worth in one weeekend.  o.m.g.  I can say that I am very grateful that Finn is potty trained and was able to do all that business in the toilet and not a diaper or the puking quotient would surely have been higher.  booooo  :(

Re: holy sick batman

  • still sick??  OH NO!    I hope you are rounding a corner.  And yes, one less diaper is so much easier for you I'll bet. 

    Feel better. 

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  • Awww.. Booo.. Being sick and dealing with sick is NO FUN! I hope you feel better soon..and the boys.
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