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productive morning!

I have been up since 6:45 this morning, and apparently that's when I have my energy, because I caught up on some TV shows that have been sitting around on my DVR, started dinner (london broil in the slow cooker), made desserts (every weekend I try to make some desserty things for DH and I to enjoy throughout the week - this week it's no-bake oreo pie for DH and Jello 1-2-3 for me - yeah, we're healthy that way), and got the kitchen clean.  Now I'm enjoying breakfast and catching up on the netflix movie that's been here all week :)

Okay, doesn't sound like all that much when I type it out - but still, way more productive than I've been lately!

What are you ladies up to today?

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Re: productive morning!

  • I am at work :( boo.. we dont get a holiday here in Canada this weekend - we had ours last weekend..

    So im basically bumping all day - i dont feel like working.

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  • Wow! That sounds super productive to me! I am jealous of your energy/motivation. 
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  • Complete opposite! I just got up (10:30) because I haven't slept well and DH got up early and went to work so I got to sleep in without being bothered. This afternoon I'm planning to go through my clothes, give some away, put away the winter, get out the summer and then figure out something for dinner.

    Although I might got Michaels and IKEA instead.

  • More productive than I'm being! I'm sitting on the couch watching the DIY Network... and that's pretty much it! I'm so exhausted all the time.
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  • Congrats on the productivity!  Wish I could say the same, but DH and I used the holiday to sleep in late.  We got up and had breakfast a few minutes ago and are now about to watch a Netflix movie.

    Later today, I do plan to clean out a couple of rooms in preparation for a yard sale next week.  We're also going to Home Depot to pick out paint for three rooms in our house.  No paint for the baby's room yet...we just need to get some other rooms settled while we're still in the first trimester.

  • Wow I'm way less productive than you. It's 9:15 and I have accomplished bumping and checking my email.

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  • i've been pretty productive this am.  i cleaned the kitchen, did the clothes, and swept and mopped.. hubby is at work today so i figured i'd get it done while he's not in the way lol i never seem to accomplish anything when he is home


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