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Had my first pregnancy dream...wow.


Drempt I had one baby and it was about a pound. They put it on a napkin in a tupperware dish and sent me home. The baby was "perfectly" healthy and was bf'ing like a champ!

Someone asked if it was a boy or girl, so i looked (it was a girl) but her body was made of white glass. lol.

DH said her name was "Rachelle" and I started crying so hard! That is NOT the name we were suppose to use..lol.

Then her twin sister was born... except she was African American.... but they ran DNA tests (i thought the IVF lab messed up), but she really did belong to DH.

Let the crazy dreams roll on! lol.

10-8-12: Grant is born!! Now a family of 5! 2-3-12: Totally unexpected BFP!! 12-10-10: Vera and Nora are born! *Beta#1(13dpFET):262*~ *Beta#2(20dpFET)4,835 TWINS!!!!!*~*Beta#3(@6wks)11,032 TRIPLETS!!!!! Baby A h/b: 109. Baby B h/b 112. Baby C h/b *praying* 4-6-10: FET (2 ET)....BFP 1-15-10: IVF (2 ET)..... BFN (1-28) 1-12-10: ER! 21 eggs! 10 to keep, 11 to donate :) 8-11-09: IUI #4 (FSH hCG) BFP .... 9-08: C/P 6-19-09: IUI #3 (FSH hCG) BFN 5-28-09: IUI #2 redo (FSH hCG) BFN 5-08-09: HSG: All clear! 4-21-09: IUI #2 canceled (clomid reaction) 4-1-09: IUI #1 (natural) BFN 9/08: S/A less than 5mil (10% mobile) -varicoseal surgery to fix...results worth it! 5/06: Endometriosis surgery 9/07: off of BCP A rejection is Gods protection. A dissapointment is His reappointment

Re: Had my first pregnancy dream...wow.

  • :) Hormones are fun, aren't they? You wonder how your brain comes up with this stuff. 

     Some of the non-pregnancy related dreams are fun too. A few nights ago, I seriously dreamed a full-feature action/adventure film, a la Indiana Jones. It was highly entertaining.  

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  • I've had so many weird pregnancy dreams... they only get weirder!  Keep a journal of them, it's funny to look back on.  :)
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